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CloudSway is founded by small business owners just like you. Working with financial professionals such as accountants and bookkeepers, IRS attorneys and financial planners, small business owners and it's employees, CloudSway was built to make a business's financial management simpler.

The CloudSway team realized that a company's financial success was more than what the owner or even the CFO accomplished; it was reliant on the entire team that has access to monies within the company. The gatekeepers to the corporate finances need the ability to track expenses and income in real-time, but at the same time, they need the ability to quickly investigate and resolve financial issues. CloudSway is the only financial application that allows for secure sharing of institutions, individual accounts or even individual transactions.

A company can monitor credit cards administered to individuals, and require receipt attachment to transactions. When something looks wrong, immediate attention can be placed, instead of waiting for the end of month expense report for explanation. Share financial information with accountants, bookkeepers, and business partners, without showing everything!

Join CloudSway today and discover how much information you really share, and how instance notifications can make your business financials stronger.

John Koisch, Technology Officer
John is the master architect behind CloudSway and continues to develop and refine the application while keeping his sights on future improvements and enhancements. John has over 25 years of programming experience.

Scott West, CEO
Scott founded CloudSway in 2011 and works each day to build customer connections, oversees the strategic workflow of the application and manages the staff.

Colin Magnuson, Creative Director
Colin has been with CloudSway since day one and has developed the corporate brand of CloudSway, the website, application UI and marketing. Colin has nearly 20 years of design and marketing experience.

Tom Hanly
Dan Putnam
Jack Orr

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Current Positions Available
CloudSway is currently looking for Front End Developers and Back End Developers to help with our on-going project.

If you feel that you have the talent, passion, and dedication to help our team then send us an email of your resume and questions at support@cloudsway.