Data Operations

Maintain complete control over all operations based on multiple dimensions of data visualization, and leverage operational big data analysis to support decision making.

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User Permission and Audit

Refined administrator permissions to facilitate hierarchical control. Bastion host with comprehensive operational audit support.

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Operation Process and Automation

Extensive built-in automated task scripts to improve the efficiency of operations. Operation system to facilitate the management of scripts; script-based work order system.

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Resource Collection and Presentation

Fine-grained collection of virtual and physical resources, unified display and management containerized and distributed architecture to expand Proxy and providing the capability of managing more than 10,000 hosts.Proprietary network device command set technology for centralized management of devices from different manufacturers.

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  • Comprehensive Resource Management
  • Automated Control
  • Data Visualization
  • User Bastion Host

BigOps offers comprehensive resource management information including host CPU/memory/system process/network/disc records, providing an overview of resource utilization with resource grouping based on business dimensions

BigOps supports shell based script automation work order operation system, enabling users to flexibly set constraints, processes and parameters based on practical requirements, significantly streamlining daily operations and improving efficiency.

BigOps presents data in dashboard form, including various resources, warnings, work orders and topology. With 10+ visualization categories and custom visualization settings, operations personnel will be better informed with overall situational awareness

BigOps offers operation bastion host audit capabilities that monitor host access and presents general dialog status and audit progress through charts and graphs.

Customer cases

  • 科大讯飞
  • 乐普医疗
  • 希沃
  • 亚信安全