Billing Visualization

Utilizing visual analytic tools to achieve transparent billing, providing enterprises with multi-dimensional cost analysis services, and presenting a clear view of enterprise cloud costs and resource usage at a glance.

Cost Allocation

Allocate resource based on labels, and unlabeled resources are allocated based on the weighted utilization indicators. Effectively address issues of resource occupancy and cost allocation.

Provision Analysis

Real-time detection of any potential billing type optimization with procurement suggestions. Customizable budget threshold and over-budget alerts to help reduce cost.

Resource Recommandations

Help Enterprise discover idle, under/over allocated resources for operations including addition, removal, modification and query. Standardized approval process for the addition of resources and improve the utilization rate of resources.


24X7 monitoring, real-time analytics

Wangsu's proprietary tool provides 24-hour continuous monitoring, analyzes the usage of enterprise resources and billing types, and maintains overall control of the optimization operation

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Precision optimization rules with practical optimization suggestions

BigCMP is capable of accurate assessment of different services and price models of cloud vendors, and provides practical optimization suggestions based on usage of cloud resources and background optimization rules, and focuses on reducing cost and increasing efficiency from both business and technical aspects.

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Continuous service with regular reports

Consultation services that provide regular cost analysis and optimization reports to continuously support enterprises with their cost optimization.

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Internal clearing with a single click

Label-based clearing of provision expenses, as well as clearing of unlabeled internal cost to enable enterprises to allocate cost in accordance with usage and purchase. Effectively addressing issues such as provision drift, one-off payment allocation, and allocation of unlabeled expenses.

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