Cost Effective

Flexible and scalable resources covering computation and storage, combined with usage based billing for better cost effectiveness

Highly Integrated

Integration of cutting edge open source technologies with DevOps and high availability AWS architecture

Efficient One-stop Solution

Encompassing the entire process of big data analysis, algorithms and tools are provided for analytics of different data type and scenarios

Better Performance for Easier Operations

AWS hosting service requires little to none pre-planning for resources and credits, care free infrastructure operations for rapid deployment of high performance cloud native applications


  • Architecture


  • Multi-source coordinated analytics compatible with any data format, eliminating data silos
  • Independent computation and storage for better performance and flexibility
  • Highly available architecture with zero on-prem infrastructure
  • Latest tools integrated with agile process for efficient analytics
  • Extensive ML algorithms and applications including personalized recommendations tailored for e-commerce
  • Capable of interfacing with various computing resources for cost optimization based on Spot instance


  • Cloud Data Deployment
  • Big Data BI
  • Personalized Recommendations
  • Intelligent Digital
  • Low-cost, highly reliable and easy-to-scale cloud data lake based on S3 object storage
  • DMS, Kinesis, Glue and other data interface services for multi-source cloud deployment
  • Wangsu’s global network to support stable, fast and safe transmission of data on cloud and cloud operations
  • Extensive and high performance data processing and analytic tools that are available out of the box
  • Cloud based big data platform (EMR) integrated with extensive open source analysis framework
  • Multi-cluster parallel and efficient analysis, faster deployment, better performance and lower cost
  • Integration of serverless interactive query (Athena) and BI visualization (QuickSight) services
  • Implementation of offline data batch processing and real-time stream analysis
  • The most extensive and complete e-commerce machine learning capability packaged with practical high relevance recommendation algorithms from AWS
  • Machine learning integrated development environment (IDE) based on Web visualization interface
  • End-to-end workflow for automated management of continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) for e-commerce machine learning
  • Data, analytics and machine learning services from AWS enables the Wangsu MSP team to help global e-commerce enterprises rapid build cloud data analytics systems, thus providing more intelligent digital marketing applications, including sales forecasting, intelligent customer service, search optimization, personalized marketing, agile reports, etc.

Customer Cases

  • 棒谷科技