Cost Effective

Flexible and scalable resources covering computation and storage, combined with usage based billing for better cost effectiveness

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Highly Integrated

Integration of cutting edge open source technologies with DevOps and high availability AWS architecture

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Efficient One-stop Solution

Encompassing the entire process of big data analysis, algorithms and tools are provided for analytics of different data type and scenarios

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Better Performance for Easier Operations

AWS hosting service requires little to none pre-planning for resources and credits, care free infrastructure operations for rapid deployment of high performance cloud native applications

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  • Architecture


  • Multi-source coordinated analytics compatible with any data format, eliminating data silos
  • Independent computation and storage for better performance and flexibility
  • Highly available architecture with zero on-prem infrastructure
  • Latest tools integrated with agile process for efficient analytics
  • Extensive ML algorithms and applications including personalized recommendations tailored for e-commerce
  • Capable of interfacing with various computing resources for cost optimization based on Spot instance


  • Cloud Data Deployment
  • Big Data BI
  • Personalized Recommendations
  • Intelligent Digital
  • Low-cost, highly reliable and easy-to-scale cloud data lake based on S3 object storage
  • DMS, Kinesis, Glue and other data interface services for multi-source cloud deployment
  • Wangsu’s global network to support stable, fast and safe transmission of data on cloud and cloud operations
  • Extensive and high performance data processing and analytic tools that are available out of the box
  • Cloud based big data platform (EMR) integrated with extensive open source analysis framework
  • Multi-cluster parallel and efficient analysis, faster deployment, better performance and lower cost
  • Integration of serverless interactive query (Athena) and BI visualization (QuickSight) services
  • Implementation of offline data batch processing and real-time stream analysis
  • The most extensive and complete e-commerce machine learning capability packaged with practical high relevance recommendation algorithms from AWS
  • Machine learning integrated development environment (IDE) based on Web visualization interface
  • End-to-end workflow for automated management of continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) for e-commerce machine learning
  • Data, analytics and machine learning services from AWS enables the Wangsu MSP team to help global e-commerce enterprises rapid build cloud data analytics systems, thus providing more intelligent digital marketing applications, including sales forecasting, intelligent customer service, search optimization, personalized marketing, agile reports, etc.

Customer Cases

  • 棒谷科技