Requirement Analysis

Collect requirements, formulate technical architecture, analyze and evaluate project requirements for future follow-up project planning and implementation.

Prepare the Implementation Plan

The architect team and the project manager work together to develop the project implementation plan and project management plan to ensure that the technical solution and project plan are reliable and efficient.

Organize Project Implementation

Set up a professional project team to carry out the project in strict accordance with the project implementation plan and project plan to ensure streamlined project delivery.

Continuous Service and Optimization

The service team of certified engineers will provide continuous after-sales service and optimization for the project to ensure that the entire life cycle of the project runs steadily in accordance with best practices.

Service Benefits

  • Industry-leading Technical Expertise
    Team of 100 + professional certified engineers With full stack technical capabilities such as cloud infrastructure, network, security, data analytics, DevOps, container microservices, and machine learning.
  • Extensive Industry Implementation Experience
    Serving more than 500 global enterprises and accumulated extensive practical experience in cloud implementation, covering government, finance, gaming, e-commerce, manufacturing, and other sectors.
  • Full Stack Service
    Comprehensive service capability from consultation to implementation for maximized utilization of cloud resources and greatly reduce costs.