Analytics and Assessment

Collect and anlyse business needs for in-depth analysis of business state and provide assesment for cloud deployment.

Planning and Design

Design a modern cloud business architecture for enterprises based on the Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) and cloud best practices, and leverage our experience to plan the project and formulate appropriate cloud strategies.


Cloudsway’s team of seasoned certified engineers provide specialist, efficient and high-quality project implementation services for customer enterprises.

Continuous Optimization

Continuously analyze and optimize customer enterprise’s cloud business architecture based on the business operation state and cloud usage after cloud deployment, and help enterprise customers to expand their business innovation.

Application Scenarios

  • Business Cloud Deployment
    With extensive experience in migration projects, we provide enterprises with multi-scenario migration consultation services, design migration plans and formulate migration strategies to ensure a high-quality, reliable and efficient migration experience.
  • Application Modernization
    With in-depth understanding of the modern application architecture, we can help enterprises modernize their business architecture, realize high flexibility and high reliability of applications, and accelerate enterprise digital transformation and technological innovation.
  • Data Analytics
    With cloud-native data analytics services and our team of technical specialists, we help enterprises design and implement cloud data analytics architecture and master fast and efficient cloud data analytics.
  • Security Governance
    Help enterprises analyze the potential security issues of their cloud business architecture, propose security rectification recommendations based on cloud security best practices, and consolidate cloud business security.

Expert Service

Expert Service