Integrated Log Ingestion
Visualized console for ingesting AWS service logs and application logs into the Amazon OpenSearch (AOS) domain.
Codeless Log Processing
Log processor plug-in that supports AWS Users can easily process their original log data in the console without writing any code.
Out-of-the-box dashboard template
Provides a collection of visual templates for common software such as Nginx and Apache HTTP Server, as well as AWS services such as Amazon S3 and Amazon CloudTrail.


Simple and Easy to Use

Deploy solutions with a single click, and ingest log data from multiple sources, including AWS service logs and application logs, as detailed in the Implementation Guide. At the same time, the log data after analysis and processing can be displayed through a extensive dashboard.

Efficient Operations

The solution architecture is based on serverless technology and pay-as-you-use billing model, which reduces infrastructure management and allows enterprises to focus on building business use cases.

Open Source and Customizable

The solution is an open source solution that is free for commercial purposes and users only need to pay for their AWS package. For specific requirements, customized development can be performed based on source code.