High-speed Access with Global Coverage

More than 600 global nodes are deployed, covering 160 + large and medium-sized cities around the world. Transmission data is optimized with Wangsu’s proprietary protocol, and the transmission speed is increased by 100% to 300% on average.

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Efficient Wide Area Interconnection

Collaborating with carriers,fully support high-quality interconnection across multiple regions, while supporting major global cloud service providers to establish flexible and fast network connections between enterprises and cloud platforms.

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Rapid Deployment with Simple O&M

Plug-and-play hardware, the global access configuration can be completed in one day. Eliminating the "black box" operation and maintenance of traditional enterprise networks, the resources of the entire network are visible and controlled, which greatly improves the efficiency of network management.

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More Economical Cost

Compared with MPLS dedicated connections, the transmission cost can be reduced by 50%, and the simplified operation and maintenance can also greatly reduce the manpower investment of IT. Effectively reducing enterprise operating costs

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Full Network Connection

Wangsu’s proprietary SD-WAN intelligent global high-speed platform has more than 600 global nodes, covering major economic regions of the world.

Multi-cloud High-speed Connection

High-speed direct connection with various mainstream public cloud platforms, greatly simplifying the cloud migration process, and providing access in minutes.

End-to-end Security

Support IPSec/AES256/IKEV2/PKI and other encryption methods to ensure end-to-end encrypted transmission.

Flexible Expansion

Users can set the bandwidth independently through the visualized control center, which is ready to use with pay-as-you-go billing, help users to easily deal with sudden traffic concurrencies.

Also providing multi-level redundancy protection for CPE, POP nodes and links.

Intelligently detect global POP point routing, identify network changes in real time, calculate the fastest access path through AI algorithms, and intelligently switch in case of route congestion or failure. 99.95% service availability, and network stability 400% higher than that of traditional VPN solutions.

QoS Traffic Control Strategy

The traffic feature identification technology DPI, is used to accurately identify the application types of users’ intranet. Combined with QoS traffic control strategy, traffic priority and speed limit strategy can be arranged independently according to high, medium and low levels of traffic, so as to ensure the efficient operation of core business.

Visualized Control Center

Unified platform, centralized management and control of global network resources. The graphic interface visually displays the entire network topology, routing, real-time bandwidth and network health, and provides diverse functions such as operation monitoring and statistical reports.




  • Enterprise HQ-Branch Interconnection Network
  • IDC Interconnection
  • Enterprise cloud migration
  • Chain Store Network
  • Diverse resource coverage to address the issue of cross-operator access in different branch offices.

  • Efficient and convenient deployment.

  • Centralized and visualized operation and maintenance to reduce operation and maintenance investment.

  • Comprehensive security defense system.

  • High-performance connections to ensure high-quality transmission.

  • Multi-level active and standby redundancy mechanism to ensure high availability and high stability.

  • Comprehensive security defense system.

  • QoS strategies can be provisioned independently to secure high-quality connections for critical applications.

  • Cost-effective, which can significantly save the migration cost of massive data on the cloud.

  • Multi-level redundancy mechanism to ensure high availability and high stability.

  • High-speed direct connection with various mainstream cloud platforms.

  • Comprehensive security defense system.

  • Plug and play hardware, even the sales staff can setup the network.

  • Centralized and visualized operation and maintenance, stores do not require any operation and maintenance personnel.

  • Multiply the access speed of key businesses such as payment systems.

  • Support flexible capacity expansion and flexible bandwidth adjustment.

Customer Cases

  • 中信建设
  • 中通
  • 浪潮云
  • 南玻集团