• Extensive Experience in Delivering Protection Level Certification

    IT infrastructures of enterprises located in China usually require support from professional security service vendors to achieve full lifecycle compliance such as protection level classification, filing, rectification, and certification.

    Cloudsway has helped many enterprises to complete their protection level assessment and has extensive experience in consultation, rectification, and delivery, which can help enterprises quickly achieve security compliance in China.

  • Comprehensive Service for Regulatory Consultation

    The main laws on security compliance in China are the Cyber Security Law of the People's Republic of China, the data Security Protection Law of the People's Republic of China, the Personal Information Protection Law of the People's Republic of China, and numerous regulations and regulations derived from them.

    Cloudsway provides custom consultation and assessment based on different industries and scenarios.

  • Implementation and Delivery all across China

    Compliance review involves compliance assessment agencies, local government departments, and various other processes, applicants also need to prepare various audit and filing materials.

    Cloudsway has a robust cooperative relationship with mainstream assessment institutions that span many years and is very familiar with the compliance implementation process, which can effectively ensure the smooth delivery of projects.

  • World-class Technical Experts

    Compliance inevitably involves design and rectification processes at the technical level.

    Cloudsway has accumulated extensive project experience in the field of cloud and IDC security implementation and rectification and has obtained certifications from a number of cloud vendors.
    Cloudsway is certified by multiple cloud vendors in recognition of its capabilities including networking, computation, storage, database, and big data.

Process of Security Protection Level Compliance

Appraisal and Filing

Appraisal of the system, assists the enterprise to carry out classification and filing work.

Gap Analysis

Assess the gap by comparing the standards and preparing the assessment report.

Rectification Implementation

Design, revise and implement from both technical and system aspects.

Protection Level Classification

Organize and assist the testing process and obtain the final report.

Operational Support

Provide customized enterprise security services.

Application Scenarios

  • Personal Data Compliance Consultation
    Analyze the demand of cross-border transmission of personal information, consult on data desensitization and transmission with reference to valid legal requirements and practical needs of enterprises.
  • Protection Level Qualification
    One-stop service for security protection level knowledge training, classification assistance, gap analysis, rectification and implementation, evaluation and certification, and help enterprises obtain relevant certifications with peace of mind.
  • Customized Security Services
    Cloudsway offers comprehensive security services such as website monitoring, security consolidation, emergency response, penetration testing, and other capabilities to enhance the overall security competencies of enterprises.