High Reliability and High Performance

Based on abundant protection resources, the protection capability can be flexibly scaled on demand; the global load setup can eliminate single points of failure and ensure the high reliability of the website operation.

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Dual-engine Intelligent Protection

Intelligent rule engine protects against known attacks, AI engine protects against new attacks,the dual-engine configuration safeguards web operations without any blind spots.

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Flexible Custom Protection Strategies

Compatible with the application of a variety of protection strategies for actual businesses, and supports custom protection strategies based on customer’s own business characteristics.

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Zero - Deployment, Renovation, O&M

One-click access, fast activation of service; 24x7 comprehensive professional service.

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Web Application Attack Protection

Protect against OWASP attacks: SQL injection, XSS cross-site scripting, Webshell upload, deserialization vulnerabilities, XXE attacks, etc.

New 0 day vulnerability defense: provide “efficient virtual patches” to quickly “fix” vulnerabilities to ensure business continuity

Customized Protection Strategy

Security experts assist in customizing protection strategies, helping users to flexibly customize protection strategies according to business characteristics.

Attack threat intelligence

Threat intelligence database offers protection in combination with WAF, and CDN can share threat intelligence across the network and the industry community, to perceive threats in a timely manner.

Attack Monitoring Alerts

Multi-dimensional and comprehensive monitoring and alert services, including attack monitoring and alerts, security early warning, instantly notifying users of various anomalies on the website.

Protection Data Visualization

Detailed defense log query, which can display web attack information (attack trend, attack details, attack type, attack source, etc.) and interception status in real time


  • Prevent Data Disclosure
  • Prevent Webpage Tempering and Trojan Backdoors
  • Prevent 0 day Vulnerability Attacks

Hackers scan financial, e-commerce, medical and other data-intensive websites, breach the website database through SQL injection and other attacks, and steal core business data.

  • Intelligent rules + AI dual-engine setup protects against Web attacks, blocks hacker attack requests, and prevents website databases from being copied.
  • WAF has a built-in mechanism against hacking using cracked libraries , brute force cracking and other algorithms to prevent website user names, passwords and other information from being brute forced by hackers, and effectively eliminating data breach.

Once government portals, corporate websites and other websites are implanted with Trojans, web content can be tampered with or implanted with hidden links, resulting in serious consequences.

  • Intelligent rules + AI dual-engine setup protects against Web attacks, blocks hacker attack requests, and prevents websites from being tampered with due to intrusion.
  • Based on big data platform analysis, WAF extracts the access behavior characteristics of the backdoor Trojan, detect malicious code, and prevent the website from being attacked by the backdoor Trojan.

Web application security vulnerabilities are increasing on a daily basis, but most of the vulnerabilities can not be fixed in time, and these unfixed vulnerabilities can be exploited by hackers to launch attacks.

  • Rapid response in providing “efficient virtual patch” to quickly “repair” vulnerabilities, synchronous update of protection strategies across the entire network for rapid protection against 0 day vulnerabilities.

Customer Cases

  • 国家广播电视总局
  • 国税务局
  • 广汽本田
  • 新华网
  • 东吴证券