Extensive O&M Experience

Over 20 years of IT infrastructure experience embodied in secure, professional, efficient experience

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Expert Technical Implementation

Standardized operation management placing continued focus on system change and business risks during change implementation to ensure business continuity and stability

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Excellent service experience

Dedicated technical service manager and project managers to support customers in streamlined O&M

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Continuous Innovation

Cloud native services and solutions, big data, AI, machine learning, etc. all for the critical goal of supporting customer digital transformation

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Service Details

Service Details


  • Security Compliance

    Continuously maintain the security architecture and improve the security of the cloud environment through the security operation and maintenance activities including account/access/network/resources/data/security event response

    • Account planning and security verification          • Identity management/authentication/security key    • Account/resource access security
    • Security incident response/tracking/handling    • Network layer security protection           • Resource vulnerabilities/attack management
    • Data security level management             • Dynamic/static data encryption

  • Reliability Optimization

    Architecture optimization for cloud environment capacity planning/resource resilience/operation monitoring/failover and recovery/emergency handling to meet customer business requirements

    • Resource capacity planning and constraints    • Network topology planning           • Resource architecture design
    • Downgrade/restriction and other emergency response   • Operation monitoring system creation   • Flexible resource planning
    • SOP and automation         • Data backup/recovery         • Failure isolation/recovery protocol

  • Performance and Efficiency Improvement

    Selection of optimal resource type based on requirements of business workload, leverage performance testing and automation transformation to ensure operational stability, as well as improve overall operation efficiency

    • Architecture performance optimization              • Resource model/configuration optimization   • Storage solution optimization
    • Database application solution optimization   • Network performance optimization            • Resource inspection and operation optimization

  • Cost Management

    Selection of optimal resource type and quantity in the workload life cycle, constantly analyze, evaluate and forecast cost/expenses, help customers to continuously optimize the cost and expenditure structure and improve the return on investment

    • Cost change monitoring and management   • Cost allocation and management        • Resource life cycle management
    • Cost evaluation and budget planning   • Data transmission cost management    • Resource utilization analysis

  • O&M Management

    Continuously improve the operation management and operation process, enhance the standardization of daily operation procedures, automate change implementation process and incident response handling protocols, ensure the stable operation of systems, and provide more value for business.

    • O&M priority planning   • Execution process optimization    • O&M indicator pool management
    • System defect management        • Deployment risk management    • O&M implementation protocol design   • O&M analysis plans