Massive Resources with Intelligent Expansion

12 mitigation centers distributed around the world, the protection capacity of the entire network exceeds15 Tbps. Collaborative networked response for single point attacks.

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Zero - Deployment, Renovation, O&M

One-click access, fast activation of service; 24x7 monitoring of the entire network, comprehensive professional service.

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Multi-engine Defense

Using a combination of intelligent defense rules, we intercept attacks in real time. Our approach combines big data analytics with machine learning to forecast trends. Through proactive deployment of defense strategies, we take initiative to defend against attacks.

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Full Service Support with Pay-as-you-go Billing

Idea for games, finance, e-commerce, government and other industries, and for website or non-website business, supporting pay-as-you-go billing.

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Network Layer DDoS Protection

Real-time blocking of network layer attacks such as SYN Flood, ACK Flood, ICMP Flood, UDP Flood, and all types of reflection attacks.

Application Layer DDoS Protection

Defense against CC, TCP Data Flood, HTTP Flood, slow connection attacks and other common application layer attacks through defense rules, man-machine verification, threat intelligence database, etc.

Overseas BGP Anycast Mitigation

Overseas DDoS traffic mitigation uses BGP Anycast technology to intelligently disperse and mitigate attack traffic, and normal traffic will be reinjected after the mitigation is completed.

Monitoring Alerts

Multi-dimensional and comprehensive monitoring and alert services, including real-time attack monitoring and alerts, potential security risk early warning, instantly notifying users of various anomalies on the website.

Data Visualization

Information of all types of DDoS attacks are displayed in real time. Customers can check the protection effect in real time and understand the security status of the website under the attack trend.


  • Gaming
  • Finance
  • Government Website
  • E-commerce
  • Distributed traffic mitigation and edge access protection to ensure the stability of game operation.
  • T-level protection capability, flexible expansion.
  • Customized defense strategies for gaming, effectively intercept 4-7 layers of malicious traffic.
  • The source server is concealed to ensure that the financial business always stays online in real time.
  • Provides comprehensive monitoring and alert service to grasp business anomalies at the earliest opportunity.
  • 24x7 self-service access, which can be activated rapidly to reduce loss resulted from attacks.
  • Provides accurate DDoS traffic mitigation service for government websites to effectively protect against various DDoS attacks.
  • Analyzes the cloud attack data through the big data platform to improve defense accuracy.
  • Provides comprehensive DDoS attack monitoring and alert functions in addition to the protection data visualization platform.
  • A single IP with high-level of protection resources to ensure business stability of e-commerce in the event of sudden attacks.
  • Based on the big data analysis platform, comprehensively defend against all types of DDoS attacks.
  • Activate and usage on demand, flexible protection, reduces cost.

Customer Cases

  • 应急管理部
  • 东方证券
  • 当乐网
  • 安利